Criminal Defense

Vidaurri, Rodriguez & Reyna, LLP attorneys have considerable experience in criminal law. In addition to representing insurance companies and their insureds, we defend people in South Texas who are facing criminal charges. Five of our attorneys are former felony prosecutors, and our founding member, Steven Vidaurri, is a former First Assistant District Attorney. Our firm has a demonstrated record of success, and we have earned a reputation for our aggressive defense of people charged with crimes in the Rio Grande Valley.

With deep roots in South Texas and a unique understanding of its culture, courts, and community, our lawyers know what it takes to try a criminal case in South Texas, and we know what it takes to win.

Our lawyers work with criminal defendants at all stages of a criminal case, from investigation to trial and, if necessary, on appeal. We are zealous advocates who fight to protect our clients’ rights. We handle a wide range of criminal defense cases, including violent crimes, drug crimes, and DWI defense.

Vidaurri, Rodriguez & Reyna, LLP: Aggressive Defense, Deep Roots, and Superior Results

If you have been accused of a crime in South Texas, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney who will conduct an independent investigation into the charges against you, analyze your situation, and provide legal advice and an aggressive defense. You also need a skilled trial lawyer who has experience in South Texas courts, who is not afraid to take a case to trial, and who will fight to protect your rights.

A criminal conviction can result in hefty fines and jail time, loss of your driver’s license, and collateral consequences like the loss of or restrictions placed on a professional license, mandatory registration as a sex offender, exclusion from consideration for certain jobs, loss of eligibility for student loans, ineligibility for jury duty, loss of the right to possess a firearm and possible deportation for the undocumented.

To protect your rights, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer who will objectively analyze your case and challenge the evidence against you, work with the prosecutor to try to negotiate a plea bargain and, if necessary, take your case to trial.

The criminal defense lawyers at Vidaurri, Rodriguez & Reyna have a deep knowledge of Texas criminal law and how juries in South Texas apply it. When we take on your case, we will investigate the charges against you, explain your options, and help you make decisions to minimize the likelihood of a criminal conviction and mitigate the severity of the consequences.

Vidaurri, Rodriguez & Reyna: Serving South Texas

At Vidaurri, Rodriguez & Reyna, we don’t back down from a fight. We will independently investigate the evidence and design a defense strategy to maximize your likelihood of success. We have extensive criminal trial experience and are zealous advocates and fierce defenders of people's rights.

If you are facing criminal charges in South Texas, we invite you to contact us today to schedule a confidential consultation to discuss your situation and how we can help.