Personal Auto Liability Defense

Vidaurri, Rodriguez & Reyna, LLP has built a highly-regarded and well-respected automobile liability defense practice representing insurance companies and their insureds in claims throughout South Texas. We have been hired by some of the largest insurance companies in the country to represent them and the people they insure in litigation, arbitration, and settlement negotiations throughout the Rio Grande Valley.

Our lawyers have deep roots in the area and understand the region's unique culture, courts, and community. When we take on a case, we analyze the claim to identify potential damages, exposure, and litigation expense. Then we work closely with insurance carriers and their insureds to create a litigation strategy to meet their goals.

Aggressive Defense of Automobile Liability Claims

When a plaintiff takes legal action to recover damages after an automobile accident, our lawyers respond quickly to evaluate the case and its merits. We provide an aggressive defense to protect the insured against personal liability and minimize the risk of exposure to the insurance company.

Most personal injury claims are resolved out of court. We have earned a reputation for achieving successful results by taking an aggressive approach to defending automobile liability claims. Whether we resolve a case through settlement negotiations, mediation, or arbitration, we keep a close eye on case expenses while considering the potential for an adverse judgment.

At the same time, our lawyers are no strangers to local courtrooms and are well-respected by judges and juries throughout South Texas. We know how to take a case to trial in South Texas, and we know what it takes to win.

Vidaurri, Rodriguez & Reyna, LLP: Aggressive Defense. Local Knowledge. Superior Results.

Vidaurri, Rodriguez & Reyna is a proud member of the Rio Grande Valley community and has served the area for decades. We have a unique understanding of the local culture and court system. One of our founders, Steve Vidaurri, will soon celebrate 40 years in front of the court benches of South Texas.

Our local knowledge and proximity to local courts are assets for our clients. We are proud to represent some of the nation’s biggest and most well-known insurance companies.

We invite you to contact us today to learn more about our automobile liability defense practice and how we can help.