Trucking and Transportation Defense

Trucking and bus transportation are the lifeblood of our nation’s economy. The lawyers at Vidaurri, Rodriguez & Reyna are dedicated to supporting this critical industry by providing essential legal representation in tractor-trailer and bus accidents claims.

Defending trucking and bus companies requires a specialized approach and knowledge. Defending truck companies on the border of Mexico requires an understanding of “transfer” operations of Mexican truck companies and the intricacies of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations that apply and do not apply to Mexican truck companies. In addition to representing Mexican truck companies operating in the U.S. commercial zone, the lawyers at Vidaurri, Rodriguez & Reyna have been defending some of the nation’s largest trucking and bus transportation providers for decades. If your company has a trucking or bus claim in South Texas, Vidaurri, Rodriguez & Reyna is here to help. We know the South Texas courts, culture, and community, and we know what it takes to win.

Aggressive Defense of Tractor-Trailer and Bus Injury Claims

When a trucking or bus accident occurs, our attorneys respond quickly to assess the necessity for early investigation, expert retention and evidence preservation. We regularly work with accident reconstruction and forensic experts, law enforcement personnel, medical specialists, and other experts to understand a claim and build a strong defense. We believe an early evaluation of liability and claimed injuries/damages assists our clients in resolving claims quickly and avoiding extensive litigation costs. When faced with unreasonable or recalcitrant claimants and their attorneys, we have a proven trial record of successfully defending truck and bus companies.

Our proximity to the U.S. border with Mexico provides direct contact with our clients. We travel to our clients in Mexico on an as needed basis to better understand their operations, build rapport and strategize a defense. Being Spanish speakers we are able to effectively communicate with our clients, which not only enhances our ability to understand accident facts and company operations, but it also puts our clients at ease. Navigating the U.S. courts system can be daunting and doing so in a foreign country and in a foregin language is especially challenging. That is why they prefer to have an attorney on the border who speaks their language and understands the local juries and legal community to defend them in a personal injury lawsuit.

South Texas’s Premier Trucking and Bus Defense Law Firm

Complex state and federal laws apply to trucking and bus accident injury claims. To protect your business and mount a successful defense, you need a team of experienced truck and bus accident injury lawyers who are well-versed in this highly-regulated area of the law, and who know what it takes to win. At Vidaurri, Rodriguez & Reyna, we know that successfully defending against a truck or bus accident injury claim in South Texas requires careful planning, attention to detail, knowledge of applicable state and federal regulations and specific understanding of the local legal system.

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