Vidaurri, Rodriguez & Reyna, LLP has broad experience in civil and criminal defense and a deep knowledge of South Texas courts and culture. Our attorneys are highly respected by local judges, our colleagues, and our clients. We have been hired by some of the largest companies in the country to represent them in litigation, pre-suit investigations, and settlement negotiations in South Texas.

When we take on a case, we analyze the claim to identify potential exposure and litigation expense. Then we work with our clients to create a litigation strategy to meet their goals.

Deep Roots in South Texas

Located in Edinburg, Texas, in the heart of the Rio Grande Valley, we have extensive local knowledge and proximity to local courts, which are assets for our clients. We proudly represent local businesses, national corporations and some of the nation’s biggest and most well-known insurance companies, providing legal advice and aggressive representation to successfully resolve complex disputes.

A Reputation for Success

Vidaurri, Rodriguez & Reyna has a demonstrated record of success and has earned a reputation for our aggressive representation. We work with our clients at all stages of a lawsuit, from pre-suit investigation and negotiation, through litigation and, when necessary, on appeal.

Knowledge of Local Courts and Culture

Our location near the U.S. border with Mexico allows for direct contact with our clients. We are available to travel to Mexico on an as-needed basis to better understand business operations, build rapport, and strategize a defense. As Spanish speakers, our ability to effectively communicate with our clients gives us a better understanding of the facts and circumstances of their situation and puts them at ease. Many of our clients prefer working with an attorney on the border who speaks their language and understands the local juries and legal community.

Aggressive Defense. Local Knowledge. Superior Results.

Vidaurri, Rodriguez & Reyna is a proud member of the Rio Grande Valley community. Steven Vidaurri's family is an original land grant family in Hidalgo County dating back to the mid-1700's. Graciela (Saenz) Reyna's family is an original land grant family in Starr County also dating back to the mid-1700's. We have served the area for decades and have developed a unique understanding of the local culture and court system. We are trusted by local businesses and proudly represent some of the nation’s biggest and most well-known corporations and insurance companies.

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