Trucking and Transportation Defense

Trucking and bus transportation are the lifeblood of our nation’s economy. The lawyers at Vidaurri, Rodriguez & Reyna are dedicated to supporting this critical industry by providing essential legal representation in tractor-trailer and bus acci… Read More

General Commercial Liability Defense

Businesses purchase commercial insurance policies to protect against liability claims. Many of those claims are settled without a lawsuit ever being filed. But when a plaintiff does file a lawsuit, you need an experienced legal defense team who will… Read More

Premises Liability Defense

Premises liability is a pillar of the insurance defense practice at Vidaurri, Rodriguez & Reyna, LLP. These cases can be exceedingly complex, especially in South Texas, where juries are known for being sympathetic to injured plaintiffs. Our lawye… Read More

Construction Defect Defense

The construction defect defense attorneys at Vidaurri, Rodriguez & Reyna, LLP, have broad experience defending real estate developers, contractors, and their insurers against almost every type of construction defect claim. Our lawyers are recogni… Read More


Vidaurri, Rodriguez & Reyna, LLP provides sophisticated advice and legal representation to healthcare providers and medical professionals, including doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and other professionals working in the health… Read More

Professional Malpractice Defense

Allegations of malpractice can affect a professional’s license and ability to earn a living. They can also lead to substantial jury verdicts. If you are a professional facing a malpractice claim in South Texas, you need an experienced defense attor… Read More

Lender Representation

Vidaurri, Rodriguez & Reyna, LLP attorneys have experience representing banks, financial institutions, and other lenders that require legal representation in South Texas. We understand the need to settle accounts without damaging your reputation… Read More

Personal Auto Liability Defense

Vidaurri, Rodriguez & Reyna, LLP has built a highly-regarded and well-respected automobile liability defense practice representing insurance companies and their insureds in claims throughout South Texas. We have been hired by some of the largest… Read More

Criminal Defense

Vidaurri, Rodriguez & Reyna, LLP attorneys have considerable experience in criminal law. In addition to representing insurance companies and their insureds, we defend people in South Texas who are facing criminal charges. Five of our attorneys ar… Read More

Insurance Coverage Defense

Vidaurri, Rodriguez & Reyna, LLP has extensive experience representing insurance companies in coverage matters involving South Texas insurance claims. We have deep roots in South Texas and we know the region’s unique culture, courts, and commun… Read More